DataLayer for Google Tag Manager
How To Configure
DataLayer for Google Tag Manager

Integrate Wonder Push Abandoned Cart Reminder with Google Tag Manager

Please Note: The settings below require our Datalayer for Google Tag Manager for Magento and some features also require our Enhanced Ecommerce extension.

Add To Cart
Tag Configuration
  Tag type : Custom Html

Trigger Configuration
  Trigger: All Custom Events
  Event Name : addToCart


require(['DataLayerProductApi'], function (dataLayerProductApi) {
    var product = dataLayerProductApi();

    window.WonderPush = window.WonderPush || [];
    WonderPush.push(function() {
      var message = null; // Optional: adapt if you wish to customize the notification text

      var items = product.getAddedToCartItems();

      items.forEach(function(item) {
          string_cartReminderPictureUrl: item.image_url,   
          string_cartReminderMessage: message,
          string_cartReminderUrl: item.url,


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