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Integrate CJ Affiliate with Google Tag Manager

Please Note: The settings below require our Datalayer for Google Tag Manager for Magento and some features also require our Enhanced Ecommerce or Google Analytics 4 extensions.

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Set cookie if user is coming from a CJ Affiliate (site.com/?cjevent=abc123)

Tag Configuration
  Tag type : Custom Html

Trigger Configuration
  Trigger: All Pages


require(['DataLayerApi'], function (dataLayerApi) {
    var dataHelper = dataLayerApi();
    <!-- CJ Affiliate Code -->
    <!-- CJ Affiliate Code -->
Tag Configuration
  Tag type : Custom Html

Trigger Configuration
  Trigger: All Custom Events
  Event Name : purchase


require(['DataLayerPurchaseApi'], function (dataLayerPurchaseApi) {
    var purchase = dataLayerPurchaseApi();

    var queryParms = {
        containerTagId: 'Add your Container Tag Id here',
        OID: purchase.getOrderId(),
        TYPE: 'Add your Type Id here',
        CURRENCY: purchase.getCurrencyCode(),
        DISCOUNT: purchase.getOrder('discount'),
        COUPON: purchase.getOrderCouponCode(),
        CJEVENT: purchase.getTrackingCodeIfKeyExist('cjevent', true)
    var cjFormat = {
        renameFieldTo: {id:'ITEM', quantity:'QTY', price:'AMT'},
        appendIndex: true
    var cjItems = purchase.getItems(cjFormat);
    var url = purchase.buildUrl();

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