DataLayer for Google Tag Manager
How To Configure
DataLayer for Google Tag Manager

Adding Norton Shopping Guarantee to Magento

Please Note: The settings below require our Datalayer for Google Tag Manager for Magento and some features also require our Enhanced Ecommerce extension.

Tag Configuration
  Tag type : Custom Html

Trigger Configuration
  Trigger: All Custom Events
  Event Name : purchase


<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
require(['DataLayerPurchaseApi'], function (dataLayerPurchaseApi) {
    var purchase = dataLayerPurchaseApi();
    if (window._GUARANTEE && _GUARANTEE.Loaded) {
      _GUARANTEE.Guarantee.order    = purchase.getOrderId();
      _GUARANTEE.Guarantee.subtotal = purchase.getOrderSubTotal();
      _GUARANTEE.Guarantee.currency = purchase.getCurrencyCode();    = purchase.getEmail();

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DataLayer for Tag Manager

Whether you are integrating Bing, Facebook, SnapChat, Pinterest, or any other services our extension make it easy.