DataLayer for Google Tag Manager
How To Configure
DataLayer for Google Tag Manager

Integrate Impact with Google Tag Manager

Please Note: The settings below require our Datalayer for Google Tag Manager for Magento and some features also require our Enhanced Ecommerce extension.

Product Page View
Tag Configuration
  Tag type : Custom Html

Trigger Configuration
  Trigger: All Page


require(['DataLayerCustomerApi'], function (dataLayerCustomerApi) {
    var customer = dataLayerCustomerApi();
    var email_hash = customer.getEmailSha1('');
    var customer_id = customer.getId('');
    ire('identify', {customerId: customer_id, customerEmail: email_hash});
Tag Configuration
  Tag type : Custom Html

Trigger Configuration
  Trigger: All Custom Events
  Event Name : purchase


require(['DataLayerPurchaseApi'], function (dataLayerPurchaseApi) {
    var purchase = dataLayerPurchaseApi();

    var impactFormat = {
        renameFieldTo: {id:'sku', quantity:'quantity', price:'subTotal', name:'name', category:''},
        appendIndex: false
    var trackConversionId = 'Add ID here (eg 174xx)';
    ire('trackConversion', trackConversionId, {
    	orderId: purchase.getOrderId(),
    	customerId: purchase.getOrder('customer_id', ''),
    	customerEmail: purchase.getOrder('email_sha1'),
    	customerStatus: "",
    	currencyCode: purchase.getCurrencyCode(),
    	orderDiscount: purchase.getOrder('discount'),
    	orderPromoCode: purchase.getOrderCouponCode(),
    	items: purchase.getItems(impactFormat)
    }, {verifySiteDefinitionMatch:true});

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