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Magento Enhanced E-commerce for Google Tag Manager

If you are using Google Analytics with Magento then you need Enhanced E-commerce, so why wait?

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What is Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce?

Enhanced E-commerce is one of the most powerful reporting tools used by merchants, agencies and store owners to get in-depth metrics and reports on how customers are interacting with their various products and services. Introduced back in in 2014, Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce plugin (ec.js) is a modern revamp of standard Google Analytics. It provides additional reporting and functionality to better meet the need of today's evolving e-commerce space by collecting and analyzing more data. 

Unlike traditional analytics which only focuses on page views, enhanced e-commerce focuses on shopping behavior, products segmentation, and customers interaction. These behaviors allow you to quickly identify important trends about your users' buying habits. You can easily determine how many customers visits your site without performing any shopping activity vs. how many customers interact with your products by either viewing the product detail page, adding an item to their cart, starting the checkout process or best of all making a purchase. 

Another advantage of using Google Enhanced E-commerce is the ability to create segments based on Enhanced E-commerce events. You can create a segment for users who visited the product detail page but did not add that product to their cart, or for users which dropped off the checkout funnel at a specific step. Enhanced Ecommerce allows you to track things that don’t fit neatly into traditional GA’s predefined page view design such as sales revenue, product refund value, the number of times a product detail page was viewed vs the number of time the products were added to cart or the number of times it was purchased. Without Enhanced E-commerce, these key insight and reports would be either impossible or very complex and time-consuming to track using standard Google Analytics. Google Enhanced E-commerce will provide you will endless information on how to optimize your e-commerce site to improve your conversion rates. 

Add Enhanced E-commerce functionality to your Magento store is challenging but using our Magento 2 Enhanced E-commerce modules eliminates all the hard work and you can be up and running in under 30 minutes.

Is it worth implementing Enhanced E-commerce

Yes, if you are like all other Magento merchants selling products online who strive to improve their conversion rates and gain valuable insight on how your various promotions and ads are impacting your sales, and find areas where can improve your revenues, then you will definitely gain valuable information about your customer by adding Enhanced E-commerce to your Magento store.

Why should I upgrade to Enhanced E-commerce?

Assume for a moment, you are away traveling for a week and no one buys from your brick and mortar store, would you schedule a meeting with your sales team to find out what going on? Running you're online should not be any different. Most customer will never ever pick up their phone to call customer service or a sales rep to request more information about your products or services. Therefore it is instrumental to gather as much information as possible about your customers' behavior from your website since it is the only layer between your customers and your products.

What's the difference between Google Analytics and Enhanced E-commerce?

As e-commerce, technology, and advertising evolve over the last two decade, marketers also needed better ways to track their e-commerce store performance to better improve the conversion rate. Traditional Google Analytics was designed to track page view and how people interact with your site. Enhanced E-commerce was designed to track users interaction with your products by offering the ability to track Add to Cart, Remove from Cart, Product Impression, and much more.

How to implement Enhanced E-commerce with Magento?

Implementing Enhanced E-commerce is a pretty big project, thrust us we know, we've have implemented various complex analytics tracking on many multi-million to billion-dollar brands. However, setting up Enhanced E-commerce in your Magento store is as simple as installing our extension and configure a few tags in Google Tag Manager. We have spent months doing all the hard work to make integrating Enhanced E-commerce as easily and smoothly as possible.

Do I need a developer or agency to implement Enhanced E-commerce?

No, with our enhanced e-commerce extension, all you need is to install the extension and have basic knowledge of how to configure tags in Google Tag Manager. 

Do I need to make changes to my Magento theme?

No, our extension does not conflict with custom Magento themes or required editing of HTML files.

How much time will it take to implement Enhanced E-commerce

Setting up and integrating our extension should take around 10 - 30 minutes with basic knowledge of how to configure tags in Google Tag Manager.

Enhanced E-commerce features and reports

Below is a list of some of the top features in Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce

Shopping Behavior Report

The Shopping Behavior Report provides detail conversion matrix on how your site visitors’ moves from one stage to the next of your sales funnel. This report displays the total number of sessions for a given date range and then displays statistics on the number and percentage of sessions with product views, sessions with add to cart action, sessions with checkout and finally the number of sessions with successful transactions.

Why Is Shopping Behavior Important?

This report is vital to all store owners' because it gives you a clear picture of how users are interacting with your products and also provide insight into where you are losing customers. This report can quickly identify and allow you to fixed issues such as a lot of products page viewed by your user but next to zero products added to their shopping cart, a lot of abundant cart because of user drop off at the shipping step  or a lot of users adding products to their shopping cart but very few users enter the checkouts process.

Shopping Behavior Report

Checkout Behavior Report

Like the Shopping Behavior Report, the Checkout Behavior Report shows the users interaction with each step of the checkout process. This includes the number of sessions who visit the first step of the checkout process and a breakdown for each step.

Checkout Behavior Report

Product List Performance

Product List Performance Report

Product Performance Report

Product Performance Report

Sales Performance Report

Sales Performance

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