Configuring Office 365
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Configuring Office 365

Configuring Office 365 to send email with Magento 2

Using a noreply@companyName or web@companyName email address.

Office 365 SMTP Magento

Log into your Magento Store and add the configuration above

In Office 365:

Set up an exchange connector from “your organization’s email server” to Office 365, and specify by IP, and add your Magento 2 servers public IP.

Lastly: Make sure any other email addresses you want the to send as, that THOSE accounts have the address in its send-from field.


Q: Error Message - Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot submit message

A: To reduce spam, Office 365 require the from email address to match the email sender address. To ensure that the email will go back to the correct department if the customer tries to reply to your emails please enable the reply-to setting.


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