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Catalog Hover Image for Magento

Optimized for Magento 2

Build from the ground up to take advantage of Magento's latest technology and features

Allowing customers to quickly preview an alternative image of your products is crucial to the success of your Magento store. This will improve your click-through to your product detail page and user experience overall by allowing your customers to see a  different view of your items.  Our Catalog Hover Image extension provides an easy way to assign an alternative image to each product in your catalog and quickly switch to the alternative image when a user moves their mouse over a product image and back to the main image on mouse out. 

Setting up is easy and extend core Magento built-in functionality so nothing new to learn. All that a store administrator need to do is upload o click on an existing image for a product and mark it as its "Mouseover" image which is automatically created by our extension.

Our Catalog Hover Image extension doesn't use phtml files or require any edits to theme templates, therefore it is compatible with almost any custom theme. 

Key Features

  • Quickly view of an alternative image of the product
  • New mouseover admin gallery attribute to specify which image to show
  • No loading of double images,  No decrease in site load time and space speed 
  • Next to zero conflict with themes and no HTML files to edit
  • Easy to install and manage
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