Guest to Customer for Magento 2

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Easily Convert Guests to Customers on Magento 2!

Maximize your sales by converting guest shoppers to registered customers with our simple, user-friendly extension for Magento 2.

Clayton B
August 20, 2020

Very good website chat support with indept knowledge, not just a sales funnel.

Dejan K
October 6, 2020

Great and professional !

Asfir 4
April 17, 2022

nice customer service and very helpful, the module of the google tag manager for magento 2 works well, its a one-time-pay extension, not like any others that are starting to ask for subscriptions

Mads E
February 8, 2021

Great experience with this company. They reply fast and are very helpful. They also listen to feedback in terms of how their products can be improved.

Julian T
September 6, 2021

Excellent products and very good support. I recommend this company. I am using the Google Tag Manager and Enhanced E-Commerce extensions

October 10, 2021

Renon is a total professional. We always know we're in good hands while solving our problems. Always responds to chats in a timely manner. I highly recommend MagePal. Always a pleasure to work with them

Qualdev Q
August 27, 2020

Providing instant solution regarding our query. It is very helpful.

Phillip J
January 14, 2021

Renon was of great help. I appreciate his patience and explanation of what the issue was with my site. I'm excited to use the Custom Shipping Rates extension.

Mark G
January 24, 2021

MagePal SMTP is a must have extension for your store. We connect our outlook account. Works great!

Marcelo S
September 14, 2022

Great service, they explain what we need.

Johannes B
May 2, 2021

A perfect Magento Extension which does exactly what it should do. And its for free !!!

Paul T
November 14, 2021

The extension does excatly what I needed and received support from the very helpful Renon. Highly recommend for your Magento store

Luca S
December 10, 2020

They have an amazing list of free modules “must have”, and with strong code and well maintained. Absolutely one of the magento 2 software house more reliable. Customer service is quick in response and very professional. Thank you for your work!

Gregor S
March 9, 2021

Incredible support regardless of time zone you are working in.

Pierre D
April 17, 2021

good support, respond very quickly.

Convert Guest Orders to Register Customer

As an e-commerce store owner, you're probably familiar with the issue of shoppers choosing to checkout as a guest instead of creating an account. This can lead to frustrating situations where customers change their minds or want to keep track of their order status, resulting in canceled or rewritten orders.

Our Guest to Customer extension for Magento 2 is the solution you need. With just a few clicks, this extension will convert any guest order into a registered customer account, automatically transferring all order and customer information. Not only that, but customers will also receive notifications on how to access their new accounts.

With this extension, you can also rest easy knowing that your customers will have the ability to log into their existing customer dashboards and link any previous guest orders to their profile, as long as they use the same email address and have the order number handy. Make your life easier and your customers happier with our free Guest to Customer extension for Magento 2.

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