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Custom Flat Fee Shipping Rates for Magento 2

What is Custom Shipping Rate for Magento2?

As a Magento merchant completing with other major brands, providing simple flat rate shipping is essential to your business success. Our Magento 2 custom flat shipping method extension adds two essential functionality to your Magento store which gives you fully take control your store shipping options by providing the ability to quickly add custom flat fee shipping rates to both admin order creation or display a simple list of flat rates to your website customers. So whether you are using United States Postal Services, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, DHL or any other carriers, our Magento2 shipping extension makes it easy for you to quickly add simple flat rate shipping fees to your Magento site.</section>

Installation Guide

Step 1

How to Install Magento Custom Shipping Rates

composer require magepal/magento2-customshippingrate
  • Download the extension
  • Unzip the file
  • Create a folder {Magento 2 root}/app/code/MagePal/CustomShippingRate
  • Copy the content from the unzip folder

Step 2

Enable Module (from {Magento root} folder)

 php -f bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content MagePal_CustomShippingRate
 php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade

Step 3 - Custom Shipping Rate Magento

Log into your Magento 2 Admin

  1. Goto Stores
  2. Configuration
  3. MagePal
  4. Custom Shipping Rate

Extension Support

Like all other open source projects, sometimes things work and sometimes they don't for one reason or another.

We receive multiple emails & support tickets almost daily asking for help and we would love to help but in most cases, these issues have nothing to do with our extension and mostly caused by lack of basic Magento knowledge.

At MagePal our main focus is designing great Magento Extension and due to our limited resources, we simply can not provide free support for a free product.

Our affordable technical support include help with installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting for our Free Community Edition extensions.

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